BETEBE Simplex / Duplex cow cleaning brushes – every cows dream

The comfort factor in a cow stable is one of the most important components of a well-run herd of cows. It plays a big part in the milk yield and the number of lactations. To provide the maximum amount of animal welfare in your cow stable, a BETEBE cow cleaning brush is indispensable. Thanks to the special brush design your cows aren’t just massaged, but also cleaned from bacteria, parasites and excess hair from their coat.

  • Wear-free circuit board made out of SMD-Tech
  • Electronic time control with run times between one and four minutes.
  • Change of cows made easy by a ten second stop time after the end of the run time.
  • Power saving mode and a motor with a high energy efficiency make for cost-effective operation.
  • Direction reversal on overload provides protection against jamming of f.ex. tails.
  • Easily adaptable for small or large cows.
  • Easy to start, even for nervous cows.
  • Simple assembly options.
  • Plug in status delivery “Plug and Play”.
  • CE certified.