BETEBE feed table bridges – the reliable, solid solution

The BETEBE feed table bridge, thanks to its solid construction, high operational reliability, and high user-friendliness, is the optimal solution to provide cattle with a comfortable passage at ground level over the feed table. Additionally, this keeps the feed table, machinery and fodder clean. Through our special technology, BETEBE can provide you with a unique possibility of controlling and selecting the cattle traffic with a three-wing bridge.

This and many more advantages make BETEBE the industry leader in this segment.



  • CE certified
  • Control unit with key holder and hose breakage protection provide the necessary operational reliability
  • Usable with feed tables of 11cm height and upwards
  • Thanks to our innovative lifting technology, hydraulic and mechanical components are installed outside of the faeces area
  • Long operating life and low maintenance requirements are guaranteed through solid construction
  • Single, double, or three-wing bridges offer the optimal solution for every shed
  • After lowering the bridge, two barriers close off the passage
  • Requires no annoying gates to cordon off the feed table – this is taken over by the raised bridge elements
  • The special hinge lightens the load on the bridge when driven over
  • Optimal control of the cattle traffic, especially in robot sheds

Single, double and three wing feed table bridges